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ROI²'s proven business intelligence solutions provide organizations with ways to effectively make smart decisions, accelerate ROI, and do more with less through the use of an innovative new model – Influence Relationship Management (IRM™).

ROI²’s solutions transform clients’ marketing effectiveness to better identify trusted community networks, key leaders, and the effect their decisions have on market behaviors. This information is critical to clients, assisting them with better optimization of resources, marketing initiatives, and targeting of sales efforts for a higher ROI. ROI²'s solutions support the top Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Device companies.

In this complex, rapidly changing and highly regulated environment, you need intelligence that is timely, actionable, and focused to make solid, reasoned business decisions. ROI² is the only Influence IRM™ company that provides Influence Intelligence™, real-time analytics and modeling, fully integrated into a superior business intelligence platform for decision-making and execution in clinical, marketing & sales. These strategic solutions improve efficiency and effectiveness, and drive revenue.

Getting Influence Right

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