ROI² | Influence Intelligence

The ROI² Team

Executive Leadership

Bonnie Rishell
CEO and Founder

Bonnie has more than 20 years leadership in Business Intelligence marketing and solutions. She created IRM to address the ongoing needs in the life sciences market so that customers can easily launch successful brands and initiatives with a ROI on influence intelligence. She has eight years of customer relationship experience in the Life Sciences organizations executing models, requirements, and user experiences that addresses the critical success factors of operations to decisions and increased adoption. Bonnie has launched more than 30 initiatives with clients in CNS, CVM, Oncology, in order to understand influence networks, defining markets and gaining a return.

Stephen Mallette
Chief Technology Officer

Stephen has been architecting and engineering software for 15 years, with significant experience in the development of commercial software for the healthcare industry.  His expertise in this domain covers healthcare centered business intelligence, electronic health records, and physician practice management.  He has implemented systems across numerous technology stacks.  As an open source contributor mostly focused on graph database technology, he expanded the development of Rexster (, a multi-faceted graph server exposing graph/network traversal routines via different protocols.

Les Hirsch
Vice President of Client Services

Les has over 20 years of diverse experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  His areas of expertise include new product commercialization, product management, brand strategy and positioning, messaging, market research, market access, KOL development, and medical communications.  Les' experiences have been gained with products across the entire life-cycle spectrum, from pre-clinical development to launch, and through loss of exclusivity.  He has a history of developing innovative solutions to complex business questions through the use of customer focused insights, analytic techniques, and technology.

Nutan Gupta
Director,  Market Research and Client Services

Nutan has over 10 years of experience working with Life Science organizations and the diverse needs in qualitative and quantitative analysis and measurements with thought leadership, market research, and data analytics.  Her vast expertise in project management has allowed customers to have confidence in the outcomes she has led to fruition in promotional and educational programs.  Nutan has applied her unique knowledge of enterprise level databases and reporting technology, market research practices, pharmaceutical industry data, and project management skills to the delivery of dozens of internet based market research instruments, with a focus on large scale quantitative and KOL identification/mapping studies.